THEY REALLY, REALLY LIKE US. We know it sounds strange, but we’ve NEVER done a bit of advertising. Not one dime. Why, especially when we could use any mass marketing technique available on the internet? The answer is quite simple. Our client referrals speak more highly of our work than we ever could. They know we are not only good at what we do, but they also trust us…we’re there for them when they need us.

      Beth Young

“I just had to write a note to let you know how pleased we are with your company. You exceeded our expectations dramatically. It was so great to see what we had imagined, beautifully done and ready to go online, in just a few days. Thanks!”

Beth Young
      Tara Robinson

“Kelly is a consummate professional. She is highly skilled in the use of her technologies. At the same time, she communicates wonderfully. She answers emails with succinct, understandable explanations and is always so patient with me when I don’t understand the complicated side of her work. She never makes me feel as if she’s talking down to me. The proof is in the pudding, they say: my website is gorgeous! If you’re thinking about hiring Kelly, I only have one recommendation: do it. Right now. She rocks. She knows what she’s doing and she truly, truly cares about her customers. I know because I’m one of ‘em and I’d walk through fire for this woman. Seriously. And you know what? She’d do the same for me. How many business owners are like that anymore?

Tara Rodden Robinson, PhD
President and CEO, tararobinson.com
Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach

“When I decided to get a website, one of my very best friends referred me to Kelly Wildman, and that was my lucky day. I told Kelly what I wanted, the color scheme I wanted, and she went right to work. She researched the Jack Russell Terrier websites and presented me with my site, in what seemed like hours. I couldn’t believe how fast she was on it, and of course I loved it at first sight. I have had numerous compliments from some of the top breeders in the Jack Russell world on my website and how easy it is to navigate. Kelly has made suggestions along the way, and they have always been to my benefit. She has been right on anything that I send her and has it up on the site quickly.

Linda Robertson
Owner - Jack Russell Terrier Breeder
      Doug Robinson

“Network Enterprises produced a superb web product to display my university teaching and research programs. The work was done quickly, professionally, and with up-to-date technology. I received compliments from colleagues and students as soon as the site was posted.”

W. Douglas Robinson
Robinson Lab
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR
      Maureen Hosty

“It has been a pleasure to work with Wild River Networks, now Network Enterprises, LLC. They have always been prompt to respond to our questions or concerns, are straightforward in their estimate of work, and follow through on what needs to be done. It is a joy to work with them and the quality of their work is always good. They have always gone the extra mile or made the extra effort to ensure that our needs are met. I highly recommend their work.”

Maureen E. Hosty, OSU Extension 4-H
      Scott Heppell

“I am extremely pleased that Kelly was able to work with us to set up web services for the 2006 Western Groundfish Conference. Kelly’s professionalism, the speed with which she accomplished tasks, and her artistic design talents were first rate! The job involved setting up multiple information pages (conference location, program, etc.) as well as fillable forms for abstract submission and the like. Everything ran smoothly from start to finish, which is all the more impressive considering Kelly had to coordinate web hosting not only at OSU but with another institution. Thanks Kelly!”

Scott Heppell
Oregon State University

      Cindy Lederer

Our formally so-so website has been transformed by Network Enterprises to a beautifully designed and professionally looking website. It is sure to inspire business by its ease in movement from link to link and uncluttered look. You can find what you are looking for in a logical manner. Soon after it appeared on the web, we were quick to get compliments from friends and colleagues, mostly along the line of “very professional” and “looks great”.

Cindy Lederer
Laboratory Director
OSU Sensory Science Laboratory

“Kelly Wildman helped establish a method for the teachers and learners to develop a relationship “across the seas,” and has put in extensive efforts into the development of the award winning Corroboree website. Throughout this project, she demonstrated a high level of commitment to this international exchange, seeing its potential to benefit students. Her heartfelt concern for environmental stewardship has been translated into producing a platform capable of including schools nation wide, in both Australia and the USA in the exchange of environmental studies.

I have the utmost admiration for her vision to take our dream and translate it into a wonderful vehicle for exchange.”

Max Sargent
Science in Schools Coordinator
Commercial Road Primary School, Morwell Australia
Corroboree: 4-H Across the Seas